The 2016 Space and Cinema Conference



'Cinema and the World: Studies on Space and Cinema' is a Film Studies research project running since 2015 at the Centre for Comparative Studies of the University of Lisbon School of Arts and Humanities. 


The 2016 Conference on Space and Cinema is an initiative meant to question and extend the scientific discussion on filmic spatiality. In a time defined by the radical shift in the exhibition practices and audience reception of films, mise en scène and cinematic dispositifs react differently to the contemporaneous, fragmented, shrinking perception of the world. As a result, the aesthetic, philosophical, historical and political aspects of filmmaking and film criticism and theory should be taken into account in the analysis of the ways time is spatialized in the moving image creation (screenwriting, camera work, editing) and reception (the apparatus). 


The 'Cinema and the World' project, coordinated by Responsible Investigator Filipa Rosário, is fostered at the THELEME - Interart and Intermedia Studies research group.

Organizing Committee

José Bértolo (CEC, FLUL), Susana Mouzinho (IFILNOVA–UNL) 

Amândio Reis (CEC, FLUL), Filipa Rosário (CEC, FLUL)

Scientific Committee

Maria Irene Aparício (IFILNOVA-UNL)

Mário Avelar (UAb)

Tiago Baptista (Cinemateca Portuguesa - Museu do Cinema, UCP)

Jeffrey Childs (UAb)

Tom Conley (Harvard University)

Timothy Corrigan (University of Pennsylvania)

Paulo Cunha (CEIS20 - UC) 

Massimo Fusillo (University of Bologna)

Fernando Guerreiro (FLUL)

Fernando Cabral Martins (FCSH-UNL)

Donata Meneghelli (University of Bologna)

Maurizia Natali (Rhode Island School of Design)

Clara Rowland (FLUL)

Osvaldo Silvestre (FLUC)

Mário Jorge Torres (FLUL)